Exploring the New Language Features in C# 9: Introducing .NET 5


The Evolution of C# 9

C# 9 has introduced a range of new language features that aim to improve the overall developer experience. These new features have been designed to provide greater flexibility and efficiency in coding practices.

Pattern Matching Enhancements

One of the key features in C# 9 is the enhancement of pattern matching. This allows for more expressive and flexible patterns, making it easier to work with complex data structures. The introduction of new switch expressions and recursive patterns provides developers with greater control and clarity in their code.

Records and Data Classes

Another significant addition in C# 9 is the introduction of records and data classes. These new features offer a simpler and more concise way to define immutable data types. By reducing the need for boilerplate code, developers can focus on the core aspects of their data models, improving overall productivity.

Top-level Programs

C# 9 also introduces top-level programs, which allow developers to write console applications without the need for excessive boilerplate code. This simplifies the initial setup of a program and provides a more straightforward entry point for developers, streamlining the development process.

Target-typed New Expressions

With the introduction of target-typed new expressions, developers can now omit the type when creating new instances of objects. This feature simplifies the syntax in certain scenarios, reducing verbosity and enhancing code readability.

Static Anonymous Functions

C# 9 also introduces static anonymous functions, allowing for better encapsulation and simplification of code. This new feature provides a more straightforward way to define and use anonymous functions, enhancing the overall maintainability of code bases.


The introduction of these new language features in C# 9 brings a range of improvements and enhancements to the development experience. With greater flexibility and efficiency, developers can take advantage of these new features to write cleaner, more expressive code in .NET 5.